The Purple Coven and The Temple of The Four Elements

Here we are devoted to enlightening everyone of the beliefs covered within these pages.Our Goal is educate those that have fear or misunderstanding of who and what we really are. Wiping out the Stereo-typical idea of what a Witch really is.
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PostSubject: PLEASE SHOW RESPECT IN THE PURPLE COVEN   Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:49 pm

Good Witches, Please remember where you are at. For some Goddess reason I did feel that I needed to post this message to everyone. It's called A message from the spirit guides. First of all this is a Coven, where its not a Club, and we do pay our dues here. Especially my staff. We have a big responsibilities in this Coven. It may not look as if so. But im sure promise you all we do.

Now out of respect for you, me, and the rest of our members. We the Purple Coven Staff only ask a small amount of your stay with us here. To post twice a week, share, reply and post topics that one can feel its important, or a great learning pages.
Don't post any porn, sexual parts of bodies, or items made as if it was a human private part, especially if its has NOTHING to do with Coven, History, WitchCrafts, Spells, Rituals. So this is all I ask. I know we are all adults, but sometimes our children can be curious if we forget to closed down the Coven online. So for due of respect to me Madamstar, as well My Coven Staff's Do Not Post anything that is distasteful. We are Witches not sexual predators:cauldron: .

Thank you
Madamstar )O(
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PostSubject: PLEASE SHOW RESPECT IN THE PURPLE COVEN    Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:36 pm

Thank you for this because it is true and because this is a place of peace and learning and a place for us to come and be together safe and away from the world and be with our sisters and brothers.We need to have respect for you and the others here and keep our home clean.

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