The Purple Coven and The Temple of The Four Elements

Here we are devoted to enlightening everyone of the beliefs covered within these pages.Our Goal is educate those that have fear or misunderstanding of who and what we really are. Wiping out the Stereo-typical idea of what a Witch really is.
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 the Portal tab

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PostSubject: the Portal tab    Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:38 am

If you click on the portal tab it will take you to another page showing the calender the latest topics this is also away to get the the witchy chat portal where classes are given.

It has the shout out box for those quick messages for our coven members to share on the far right side of the screen is where Madams past Blog talk Radio show is held so that you can listen to them at your convince

Has a place to tell where the moon is at this present time. the latest information will be also posted here as well

It also shows the most active member's and there postings as well

tells you also who is online currently

If you have any questions please leave it here

Thank you Lady Silver
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the Portal tab
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